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Project Description
This factory will include services for communicating with SharePoint via REST, CSOM, and the SP Request Exececutor.

The goal of AngularSP is to make it easier to create AngularJS applications built on top of SharePoint. To this end we are working on adding the major ways that an application developer will need to work with SharePoint.

The initial release will include the basic list operations for REST and CSOM(JSOM).

The Current list of features that we are working on is:
  1. Automatic handling of Request Digest Token for REST Implemented
  2. Search Calls Implemented
  3. All implemented methods for the request executor. Implemented

We have now implemented the requests for functionality that we have had so far. Please let us know if there is any functionality that you would like to see added.

If there is a feature that you would like to see sooner please let us know in the Discussions.

This project was started by Ryan Schouten to make it easier to work with two great products I love. For more information about me visit my blog SharePoint Knight

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